Interested in the Kyros Kebab food business? Want to start your own but not sure how? Get all your questions answered here.

A glance of the What,
Where, Why, Who and
How of Kyros Kebab

Turn Your Passion for Food into Profit        

  • Are you passionate about the food business (and love kebab)?
  • Do you desire to start your own business with a proven system that works?
  • Are you finally ready to tap into the power of franchising business to leverage on your success?

If you answer YES, then you are at the right place and at the right time. It’s your chance to achieve success with Kyros Kebab.

Join our franchising program now where you can build your business with our proven system.


Why Choose Kyros Kebab Franchise?

A proven business model
Kyros Kebab is an established business model and is one of the major local fast food chains in the country.

You can set up your Kyros Kebab outlet at a reasonable cost, compared to other franchising programs.

High yields duplication system
Our franchising program is made-for-you business system that builds your income in the long run.

Healthy fast foods meal
We offer a healthy yet delicious meal and other great selections which are uniquely Kyros’.

Dedicated support
You will be assisted with comprehensive training, on-going development and continuous assistance from us.

Well-equipped retail stores
We have distinctive outlets with clean, well-designed and attractive ambience.

Simple and convenient system
Our easy to follow step-by-step system allows you to run the retail store without hassle.


Become Kyros Kebab franchisee now and start having your own business!

We have prepared everything for you to get started as a Kyros Kebab franchisee. All you have to do is to get ready the required fund for the investment and follow our system.

As a Kyros Kebab’s franchisee, you can count on:

  • Assistance with site evaluation, site selection and development
  • Effective and efficient product purchasing and distribution
  • Basic accounts and control system
  • Marketing, advertising and public relations support
  • Initial and continuous, comprehensive training and operational support

How to get started?
Ready to become our franchisee? Call us at Tel : 03-6259 2887 or email us with enquiries at contact us and we will get back to you with more details soon.


How does it work?

Here are a few steps to becoming a Kyros Kebab franchisee.

1. Send us an enquiry
Call us at Tel : 03-6259 2887 or email us with enquiries at contact us and we will get back to you with more details soon.

2. Kyros Kebab gets in touch
Once we've received your completed application, and there is an opportunity in your desired location, we will contact you back. This first contact is as important to us as it is to you. This is when we get to know each other a little more and when we tell you about Kyros Kebab and the franchise opportunity.

3. Franchise kit
We send you a franchise kit, which includes the franchise agreement, disclosure documents and policy manual. The franchise kit will tell you all there is to know about the Kyros Kebab franchise opportunity, once we receive confirmation from you that you wish to proceed, we'll schedule a meeting with you.

4. We meet
This first meeting usually takes place at our office and is your opportunity to ask us anything you want. Together we’ll go through your application and make sure that everything is clear. This is when we can really start going into details together.

5. Application approval
This is where we do our homework and go through your application in further detail. If you are successful and wish to pursue this franchise opportunity with us, we can then work with you on the total amount of investment cost required. Once we’ve agreed on the location of your Kyros Kebab franchise, you should decide if you are interested in setting up a café, or a kiosk. Here are some of the details:

  • A kiosk requires at least a minimum space of 250 sq ft and the estimated investment is RM250, 000.
  • A café requires at least a minimum space of 500 sq ft and the estimated investment is RM300, 000.
  • A restaurant requires at least a minimum space of 1000 sq ft and the estimated investment is RM350, 000.
  • The Kyros Kebab franchise fee is RM50, 000 per individual outlet in Malaysia. 30% of this amount is payable upon signing the letter of intent and 70% is payable upon signing the franchise agreement.
  • The tenure of agreement - the tenure is good for 8 years with a renewal option.
  • The on-going fee required - royalty fee of 5% of the gross monthly turnover, A&P fee of 1% of the gross monthly turnover.

6. Signing of Franchise Agreement
We will send you a copy of the franchise agreement and disclosure documents at least 10 days before the signing ceremony. Once you have accepted the terms of the agreement, the final franchise agreement can then be signed. As soon as the said agreement is signed, the deposit must be paid.

7. Training
We have developed a very comprehensive training program for our franchisees. Training will start before your restaurant opens and is for a period of a few weeks.

8. Kiosk or café opening
The moment we will have all been waiting for finally arrives. We’ll organise the opening day’s program and make sure you’re 100% ready to start trading in the best possible conditions. Your dedicated local area manager will assist you with marketing and we’ll make sure that the whole neighbourhood knows about your new Kyros Kebab. Now you have a business!